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SMART Eye Mask Massager & Hot Compress

SMART Eye Mask Massager & Hot Compress

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The SMART Eye Mask Massager masterfully applies air pressure, compression, and heat tailored to massage and relax tension around the eye. One of the main goals throughout the mask design and development was to help reduce fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. Hot compresses are frequently recommended by ophthalmologists to treat styes and blepharitis.

Product Features:

1. Carefully designed air pressure.

2. Durable, eco-friendly and gentle on your skin.

3. Serves as a hot compress in order to trigger blood circulation and enhance skin elasticity.

4. Plays music via bluetooth connections.

5. Foldable design for travel.

9. One button controls five modes: automatic, vitality, distinct, dynamic, sleep.


Package List:

Eye Massager, USB Charging Cable, User Manual









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