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Belli Beautiful (Book)

Belli Beautiful (Book)

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Belli Beautiful (Book)

Belli Beautiful: The Essential Guide to the Safest Health and Beauty Products for Pregnancy, Mom, and Baby 

Annette Rubin & Melissa Schweiger 

By now you are used to hearing about the foods and medications to avoid during pregnancy. But have you checked out that bottle of moisturizer? Suprisingly, no one informs mothers about which product ingredients could be harmful through topical absorption. 

About 20 percent of the ingredients in lipsticks, sunscreens, shampoos, and other products we use every day have links to miscarriage, birth defects, or health concerns. In Belli Beautiful, industry experts Annette Rubin and Melissa Schweiger show you how to instantly detoxify your regimen with healthier choices. You'll discover: 


  • What to really look for on a label -- and why claims like "organic" and "natural" often don't matter
  • Simple ways to limit exposure to toxins during pregnancy, nursing, and motherhood
  • Quick lists of ingredients to choose and avoid
  • How to deal with common conditions, from acne to eczema
  • What's best to put on your baby's skin

Here's the good news: you don't have to give up makeup or salon treatments (and yes, you can still get diaper rash cream!). With product recommendations, the latest research findings, and expert interviews throughout, this essential guide helps you be as safe and informed as possible. Belli Beautiful is your go-to resource when it comes to making personal care choices for your growing family.

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