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Eye Eco Thermoeyes™ Beads

Eye Eco Thermoeyes™ Beads

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New thermoeyes™ microwaveable Beads boost and enhance tranquileyes™ hot and cold treatments.  Made from glycerin, the beads heat up in hot water.  Use a microwave or other source to heat water, let them sit for a minute, remove, insert into tranquileyes™ goggle and wear.  Enjoy repeated 10-12 minute hot compresses with ease.  Beads can also be used to create refreshing 15-20 minute cold compresses to reduce inflammation and puffiness. 

Using thermoeyes™ Beads:
Thermoeyes for use with the original tranquileyes goggle. 
Included in the kit:

Four Gel Packs, One Set Fabric Sleeves




Brand Eye Eco
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