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Eye Eco Thermoeyes™ - Instant Version

Eye Eco Thermoeyes™ - Instant Version

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Enhance moist heat and cold therapies with Instant thermoeyes™.  Thermoeyes™ tuck inside the goggle, replacing the thick gray moisture pad (used for sleep) to allow for 18-20 minute moist-heat therapies or 15 minute cold therapies.   A thinner white pad (thermopad) is used with the gel pack and soaked in warm water for dry eye treatments or cold water for puffy eyelid treatments. 

Heat is created by snapping the stainless steel disc inside the gel pack.  The sound of the snapping changes the molecular structure from liquid to crystal, generating heat.   The gel packs can be reused up to 100 times.  After using Instant thermoeyes™ for heat, boil in a continuous rolling boil for 2-3 minutes to reset.  The gel packs will be ready to reuse again after they cool. For cold treatments, place the gel pack in the freezer.

Using thermoeyes™ - instant version :
Thermoeyes for use with the original tranquileyes goggle
Included in the kit:

Each kit includes 2 sets of instant thermoeyes (4 gel packs) and 4 thermopads (white sponges).

Brand Eye Eco

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