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MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula

MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula

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MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula 120 Softgels

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome: foreign body sensation (especially later in day), intermittent blurred vision, redness, tearing (a rebound effect of inflammation), and light sensitivity. Symptoms are aggravated by air conditioning, ceiling fans, contact lenses, computer usage, age after 40, rosacea, and many other disorders.

Factors that agrivate Dry Eyes

  • MGD or problem with oil producing glands in the eye lids
  • inflammation and allergy
  • evaporation of the aqueous layer

The key role of the omega 3 and newly discovered resolvins (RvE1 and RvD1) in treating dry eyes is to reduce ocular inflammation.  Omega 3, DHA, and EPA also benefit the cardiovascular system as well as attenuating pathologic neovasularization of age related macular degeneration.   


-Written by: Lewis Apter Eye M.D. (Eye Institute of West Florida)

  • Dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids and the ratio of their consumption to that of omega-6 fatty acids affect the overall amount of inflammatory activity in the body.
  • Specifically, EPA and GLA act as anti-inflammatory agents to decrease swelling of the tear glands, allowing the tears to flow more naturally.
  • Turmeric root possesses both antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. It reduces inflammation by inhibiting certain omega fatty acids from converting into pro-inflammatories.
  • Replenishing your body with omega fatty acids may help improve the quality of your tears by replacing the oils lost by our bodies, especially as we age.
  • The Mucin Complex contained in our formula acts directly on the mucin layer of the tear film by enhancing the mucus quality where mucus production by the conjunctival goblet cells have decreased.


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