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VitOptics Premier Omega-3 Fish Oil

VitOptics Premier Omega-3 Fish Oil

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VitOptics Omega-3 Fish Oil Natural Lemon Softgels are the premier physician recommended pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 formula. The Omega-3 Fish Oil in the Vitoptics formula is purely from fresh caught fish off of the coast of Norway. The 800EPA 600DHA softgels support Ocular, Heart, Joint, Cognitive, and Dermal Health. The VitOptics Omega-3 Fish Oil bottle contains a 30 day supply of 60 natural lemon softgels.



"Patients should know that Omega 3 is mainly to control Meibomian gland dysfunction, one cause of dry eyes. The Vitoptics Omega 3 is more pure and I recommend it. Omega 3 is also shown to be an anti-inflammatory for joint point."  

-Dr. Lewis, Ophthalmologist at The Eye Institute of West Florida 


Gold Standard for Purity and Quality


VitOptics is one of the most precise and careful in the industry when it comes to ensuring purity and quality. VitOptics recognizes that doctors and patients are not keen on superfluous ingredients. The physician identifies what will be optimal for his or her patient's health and then directs him or her to take it. The VitOptics Omega-3 Fish Oil Formula is molecularly distilled for purity. The combination of an EPA at 800mg and DHA at 600mg alone makes the formula the gold-standard on the market. Many brands require that patients take four per day; however, the purity and quality of the VitOptics Omega-3 formula allows patients to receive a higher pure dose of Omega-3 Fish Oil with only two lemon flavored softgels per day. 

Why are VitOptics Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels the Blue-Chip Doctor Recommended vitamins?

Physicians worldwide recognize and trust VitOptics to continue to lead the way with the highest quality products on the market. The Omega-3 softgel is not only one of the highest quality consistency on the market, but VitOptics has gone a step further to make sure that the patient experience from ingestion is optimal. The formula is infused with a natural lemon flavor that makes the softgels enjoyable to even chew before swallowing. Patients are raving to their physicians about this product because not only is it supporting Ocular, Heart, Joint, Cognitive, and Dermal Health, but the daily intake of the Vitoptics Omega-3 Lemon Flavored Softgels is also simply a pleasant experience. 


The Positive Feedback within the Ophthalmic Community has been Immense.

VitOptics is leading the way within the Ocular industry for the support of ocular health. The Eye Institute of West Florida continues to endorse as well as provide VitOptics formulas to their patients throughout Florida. The feedback throughout the community and from patients has been overwhelmingly positive. 



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