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Fortifeye Complete (60 Tablets)

Fortifeye Complete (60 Tablets)

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Fortifeye® Complete is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, whole foods and enzymes. This formula is all natural without the use of any dyes.

These are nutraceuticals developed to aid in total body wellness and vision support. Fortifeye Complete is a combination multi vitamin, eye vitamin, super fruit/vegetable extract all in one convenient USP cetified tablet that is taken twice daily with meals. This unique formula is based on the latest science and is currently being used by thousands of people throughout the world. Fortifeye Complete has evolved to its current nutrient profile after a decade of research and 11 reformulations. This final formula was reached after years of clinical use with patients in large eyecare centers combined with serum and intracellular blood testing and retesting.

Some newly researched nutrients like resveratrol from red wine, Polyphenols from green tea, and curcumin from the turmeric root have been added to this formula. These nutrients exhibit powerful antioxidants and anti -inflammatory effects  that may also help inhibit the formation of “bad” blood vessels (anti-VEGF). Some other specific nutrients that Fortifeye is using that may also exhibit effects on VEGF are Vitamin D, Zeaxanthin, tocotrienols, super berries and even B vitamins. This may prove to be helpful in macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, other inflammatory eye diseases and cataracts. Many studies now suggest that increasing intake of dark green leafy vegetables and darkly pigmented berries may also benefit macular degeneration and overall health. Kale, Spinach and Blueberries along with Billberries and Grape seed extract have also been included in the Complete formula, Lutein and Zeaxanthin isomers in a new micro beadlet delivery system are in this formula to help replenish the macula pigment density, filter out the dangerous blue light and also act as a powerful antioxidant to neutralize free radicals. Current science indicates that macula density progressively decreases as macular degeneration progresses. Lutein/Zeaxanthin are proving to be beneficial for both macular degeneration and cataracts.  These carotenoids are also good for the skin and the brain.  The total antioxidant value (ORAC value) of Fortifeye Complete is very high. Super Foods like Green Tea, Gogi, Acai,Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberries , billberries, Grape seed,  cinnamon , cocoa were added to increase the ORAC value and aid the body in fighting against free radical damage.  Acetyl L Carnatine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Co Q 10 were added to support mitochondria health, increase ATP (energy) production and aid in neuro protection.  All eight forms of vitamin E (four tocopherols and four tocotrienols) are utilized in this formula to maximize free radical quenching. Additional   tocotrienols were added for their enormous health benefits. The best form of Zinc is used to increase bio availability. Higher than normal levels of Vitamin D3 have been added due to the vast overall health benefits associated with this potent steroid hormone.

Vitamin A deficiencies are very rare in developed countries and too much Vitamin A poses some serious health risks while beta carotene has been linked to lung cancer in smokers. Studies now indicate that beta carotene may block the absorption of Lutein, as a result Fortifeye has removed Vitamin A and beta carotene. Many other nutrients are used in this comprehensive formula in precise ratios to aid in maximum cellular absorption.

Fortifeye Complete can be used alone or in combination with Fortifeye Super Omega-3, or Fortifeye Focus to combat against free radical damage in the eyes and body.

When Fortifeye Vitamins are combined with life style changes and dietary modifications significant improvements in the health of the eyes and body can be a result. Fortifeye Complete is recommended to anyone wanting to be pro-active in their future health.

Fortifeye Vitamins have been developed to deliver complete nutritional support for total body and eye health. Specific nutrients in precise ratios have been used to give nutritional support to the retina, optic nerve, cornea and lens. These nutrients may also aid in neuro protection, cardio protection, circulation, skin health, joint health and cellular health.

Fortifeye’s goal with Fortifeye Complete: To develop a science based all in one supplement. Patients would not have to have numerous bottles and boxes scattered about and be concerned about sterility, cost and compliance. Fortifeye Complete is a cost effective Nutraceutical bringing the very latest in nutrition for total body wellness and vision support.  Thousands of patients throughout the world are taking the Fortifeye Vitamins with great results. Whether you are a young or old Fortifeye may be right for you.


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