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Rainey Women's High Back Compression Mid-Thigh Stage 1 - WH1-MT

Rainey Women's High Back Compression Mid-Thigh Stage 1 - WH1-MT

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This Rainey (WH1-MT ) High Back, Mid-Thigh Compression Garment for Women is a "Stage One" garment which provides excellent compression immediately after surgery and may be worn for up to 2 weeks. This zippered garment with reinforced seams allow for easy application and durability during the critical immediate postoperative period.

Key Features:

Strong, breathable lightweight fabric that feels good next to the skin, exclusive open crotch design and lace trim at leg openings. It is available with optional left and right drain sites.


This compression garments feature new fabric that offers more durable compression performance with an enhanced, four-way stretch for a better fit and a true "second skin" feel. The silky smooth fabric makes it easier to slip on and off. The fabric is remarkably lightweight and breathable, yet fiercely strong and durable. The fabric provides the compression control you need to optimize circulation and enhance healing, while giving you the "feel good" comfort that patients demand.


This Garment is a powerful way to maximize your healing benefits by having compression during "Stage One" - the initial 1-2 weeks of post-operation recovery.This garment provides compression in the upper and lower abdomen, flank, hip, and thigh areas and are appropriate for a liposuction and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). You have the advantage of having continuous compression, which is essential for obtaining the best results during the recovery phase and for having the greatest degree of comfort. This compression wear helps improve blood circulation, minimizes swelling after the procedure, and helps flush the body of potentially harmful fluids - accelerating the healing process, and allowing you to return to your daily routine sooner. This compression garments also provides support to surgical areas, increasing comfort and helping your skin fit better into new contours.


This 100% latex-free garment is made of a strong, breathable and lightweight compression fabric that feels good next to the skin. The garment has an open crotch design that offers comfort and support. The garment is made of pattern designs that target maximum support and compression. It has zippers, hook and eye closures, and reinforced seams for durability.

Brand Rainey Compression Essentials

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