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VitOptics AREDS2 Macular Formula

VitOptics AREDS2 Macular Formula

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VitOptics Macula Formula is the premier Ophthalmologist and Optometrist recommended A.R.E.D.S. 2 (Age Related Eye Disease Study 2) based supplement specifically designed to aid in the body’s natural response to building macular pigment density or M.P.O.D (Macular Pigment Optical Density).

Why is VitOptics Macular Formula the Blue-Chip Doctor Recommended Formula?

VitOptics Macula Formula uses the exact ingredients used in the AREDS2 study combined with additional antioxidants proven beneficial to eye health and immune function. The VitOptics Macula Formula helps increase Macular Pigment Density and helps age related eye conditions. The formula also helps the general health and functionality of the eye. Antioxidants have been used in studies related to all eye conditions and VitOptics Macula Formula is a doctor recommended antioxidant formula. 

Macular Pigment- In that small area of your eye called your macula there is pigment, kind of like the pigment in your skin. This pigment protects the macula from the damaging light radiation that the front of the eye is focusing on it. As we age, this pigment starts to lessen and fade enabling light radiation to damage the macula.

The AREDS 2 study has become the standard of care in the eye industry.

 AREDS 2 Ingredients to help Increase Macular Pigment Density:

  • Vitamin C - 500mg
  • Vitamin E (All Natural) - 400 IU
  • Zinc - 25mg
  • Copper - 2mg 
  • Lutein (FloraGlo) - 10mg
  • Zeaxanthin - 2mg

Additional Ingredients Tailored to help Age Related Eye Conditions:

  • Bilberry - 10mg
  • Co-Q-10 - 10mg
  • Resveratrol - 5mg
  • Taurine - 100mg
  • Vitamins D3 - 600 IU

The only inactive ingredient in the VitOptics AREDS2 Macular Formula is rice concentrate. This is one of the reasons ophthalmologists are continuing to be so high on recommending this formula.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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