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Women's Compression Vest - Rainey WV

Women's Compression Vest - Rainey WV

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Women’s Compression Vest - Rainey WV

Following breast reduction procedures with adjustable shoulder straps and plush-shielded hook and eye front closure.

Suggested Usage

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) is recommended for women suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain caused by the weight of very large or disproportionate breasts. Some insurance companies cover this procedure if a medical need can be established. There are several ways to perform the reduction. The first is to preserve the blood supply to the nipple and make an upside down "T" incision under the breast. The excess tissue is removed and the nipple is repositioned. Long scars may be avoided if liposuction is used. (Liposuction is most successful for breast not larger than a cup size DD with good skin elasticity.) Other surgeons will make an anchor shaped incision that encircles the areola, goes from the nipple to the bottom of the breast and follows the curve under the breast. The excess fat, skin and tissue are removed, then the surgeon brings together the skin from both sides of the breast and sutures it around the areola. Possible complication are damage to the blood supply to the nipple, scarring, swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection and change in sensation.

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